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    Discover an assortment of deliciously decadent sweets. Though "clean label" is the buzzword du jour, we mean it. There are no hidden chemicals or otherwise nasty ingredients in our assortment of sweets.

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  • Snacks

    Whether you need something quick and convenient to start your day or to tide you over around 3 p.m., our snacks are packed with protein, superfoods, and functional ingredients to help you feel nourished.

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  • Sips

    Every sip we stock is a healthier alternative to mainstream beverages. We've vetted ingredient quality and taste-tested to ensure there's no sacrificing on taste, experience, or your health.

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Clean Ingredients + enhanced with collagen

Marshmallows & S'mores

Our marshmallows and s'mores are big on flavor, rich in nostalgia, and made with simple ingredients from nature, not a lab.

  • NO corn or high fructose corn syrup
  • NO artificial anything, ever
  • NO gums, emulsifiers, or fillers
  • NO dyes or coloring
  • NO preservatives
  • NO shortcuts

With none of the bad, we focus on adding the good. Our marshmallows are enhanced with collagen for true indulgence with benefit.

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    "The Banana Bread Superfood bars at Deliciously are my new obsession! SOO GOOD, and helping me get enough protein throughout the day."

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    "It's hard to find food that tastes great and is made with ingredients you can trust. So excited to have Deliciously in our community!"

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    "Though there's clearly the benefit of clean ingredients, I really just care that it tastes good. And, everything does...so good!"

What We Leave Out Is Just As Important As What We Put In

Ingredient Standard

Each offering is carefully crafted and curated; we scrutinize every ingredient, so you don't have to wonder and worry what you're putting in your body.

Because we believe real is better -- ingredients from nature, not a lab -- we are strictly:

🚫NO corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, or high potency sweeteners

🚫NO corn, wheat, or soy


🚫NO Seed oil

🚫NO artificial or "natural" but made in a lab anything including flavors, colors, or preservatives

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