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Blueberry Marshmallow

Blueberry Marshmallow

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If you're eager for the sweet taste of fresh blueberries, you're in luck. Our blueberry marshmallow is packed full of REAL blueberry flavor.

An untraditional twist on the classic marshmallow treat, our blueberry marshmallow was developed with the intention of providing a fresh, clean blueberry flavor but with an overall feeling that you've just enjoyed the best dessert. To make our blueberry marshmallow we use fresh blueberries, straight from the fields of pesticide-free farms in Alabama, when available, and puree them with just the right bit of vanilla and lemon. We leave the puree with some texture, it's not uncommon to get a piece or piece of blueberry in your fluffy marshmallow bite - it's a delicious surprise! In addition, to really amp up the flavor, we add freeze dried blueberry powder.

This marshmallow treat is the perfect sweet bite after dinner, as an accompaniment to a glass of lemonade, cup of tea. We also recommend dipping them in melted chocolate for a chocolate covered blueberry treat!

Blueberry Marshmallow: Organic Maple Syrup, Raw Unfiltered Southeastern Honey, Pasture-raised Grass-fed Bovine Gelatin, Pasture-raised Grass-fed Bovine Collagen Peptides, Blueberry (fresh, freeze dried, and dehydrated), Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Includes a hefty four ounces of 2"x 2" 1.75" marshmallows,

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